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Shopping on the Internet may someday change forever the way we shop for the goods we desire. Change can be good and we at the Bernese Dog Gifts want your Internet shopping experience to be a pleasurable one.

We offer convenient methods of payment for your purchases from the conventional order by phone to ordering on line. We accept payments by personal check sent by conventional mail to accepting PayPal and charge cards online using secure technology to protect your personal information. 

We know how tedious it can be to order something online and then wait for your merchandise to arrive. Our orders are processed promptly and shipped right away so you receive your merchandise quickly. We answer our e-mails quickly and try to personalize the service we provide to rival the services we all received during times gone by.

We offer many of our items at Ebay, Etsy and Amazon where you will find many more great items at great prices without excessive shipping and handling charges.

If the Internet is to replace the conventional ways of shopping that we have become accustomed to than it will have to provide for all we would expect, Great Prices, Convenience, Prompt E-Mails, Friendly Service and Fast Shipment. We believe we stand at the forefront of this technology and ask that you give us a try.

James Wallace
Owner / Founder
Dog Sign Shop
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Dog Sign Shop is located in the Southeastern portion of Pennsylvania on the East coast of the United States. 

Situated between Philadelphia and New York cities we strive to provide fun and unique Dog Signs while also providing the highest level of customer service and reasonable prices. Our unique products are shipped to satisfied customers throughout the U.S.A., Canada, and to numerous foreign countries.

 We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our merchandise. Whether your needs are small or large we will do everything possible to ensure your online shopping experience is a pleasurable and safe one. 

 We are committed to helping Bernese Mountain Dogs that are homeless, abandoned or have other various needs.

BerneseDogGifts.com is proud to donate 5% of all sales to Bernese Mountain Dog Rescues and other organizations helping underprivileged Berners in need nationwide.

Our goal is to help make a difference by contributing to such amazing organizations that rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused and abandoned Berners.

If you represent a Bernese Rescue Organization, please contact us to inquire about our philanthropy program.

Dog Sign Shop
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