We are committed to helping Dogs that are homeless, abandoned or have other various needs.

DogSignShop.com is proud to donate 5% of all sales to Dog Rescues and other organizations helping underprivileged Dogs in need nationwide.

Our goal is to help make a difference by contributing to such amazing organizations that rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused and abandoned Dogs.

If you represent a Dog Rescue Organization, please contact us to inquire about our philanthropy program.

James Wallace
Owner / Founder
Dog Sign Shop
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The two Bernese Mountain Dogs depicted above are our own dogs Alfred (right) and Freda (left) drawn as cartoons.
Alfred and Freda have embarked on their own charitable mission to help children in need at their website AlfredandFreda.com
Alfred and Freda spent months training to be therapy dogs only to find they were not suited for this.
While they were in training though, they sent stuffed dogs that looked just like them to children in hospitals, orphanages and shelters to comfort them.
Alfred and Freda continue this tradition and send their stuffed dogs to children to this day.

Do you know of a child in need? Let us know by visiting our site at AlfredandFreda.com

Also giving back in her own way is our Golden Retriever Cedar who started a website (with help from her daddy) to warn other dog owners of the
dangers of ingesting Gorilla Glue. Her site DogEatsGorillaGlue.com depicts her own experience and
surgical photos (WARNING- pictures shown are not for the faint of heart) to hopefully prevent such a tragedy from happening to any other furry friends and warning
pet owners that time is of the essence to seek medical treatment immediately if you suspect your pet has ingested even the tiniest amount of this glue.

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